A good-value hotel stands out due also to the porterage service.

As for the hotel, in fact, the bellhop plays a key role. He deals with the maintenance of the entire building, he helps the arriving guests by carrying their luggage to the rooms and he deals with the cleaning of the common areas. He also plays a central role on supporting the Housekeeping and the kitchen and the wait teams, ranging among different roles. He is a multiskill team member who proves his value being always ready to fulfil its tasks when required.

The Bellhop performs different duties within the Hotel:

  • Carrying luggage to and from rooms
  • Maintaining clean lobbies, common areas, corridors on the floors
  • Setting up conference rooms
  • Night porter

An excellent porterage service is imperative for every hotel as well as it stands for quality.

Servizio di facchinaggio per hotel alberghi B&B in tutta la Sicilia