Diadema Hotels presents the specialised maintenance service for any hotel.

Electrical, lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, as any other utility services: they all represent the complexity network that gives value to any aspects within a building; as well as they are the skeletal structure that make a Hotel refined and welcoming and that, if well care for, will impress guests.

A few measures may be taken in order to reduce the risk of defective functioning or failure to function that can affect guests’ stays: besides the regular cleaning, an adequate maintenance of the building’s plants and systems is essential to obtain the maximum possible efficiency. A regular and adequate maintenance promotes a “longer” life cycle of buildings and systems.

The assistance offered by the specialised team consists of monitoring, optimising and keeping records of usage for principal utilities; every member of the team knows its way around buildings and how to guarantee timely support. Everything done in a perspective of improvement and economy.

Diadema Hotels is also able to analyse the energy costs for you, laying out a plan for management and maintenance operations in order to find the measures to reduce consumption, cut costs and promote sustainability and energy efficiency adjusted accordingly to any needs.

A Hotel regularly maintained, is a Hotel which offers an everyday efficiency to any guest.

Diadema Hotels presenta il servizio specializzato di manutenzione per strutture alberghiere.