Diadema Hotels ensures the highest quality and professionalism cleaning service at all stages to any customer.

Diadema Hotels provides highly professional and trained (on an ongoing basis) outsourcing staff, managed by area leaders available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day for cleaning hotels and rooms, along the chain of housekeeping, porterage and waiters/waitresses.

What Diadema Hotels is actually promoting is the optimisation and modernisation of the “backstage” processes within hotels. As we all know, an organised and clean environment is the first detail that any guest would like to see. The second detail is the working staff. Well the role played by these last two is crucial on giving the first impression, i.e. to the guest who is walking into a hotel for his first time. He will be certainly realising of clean glasses, the polished floors, clean carpets, and so on.

Diadema Hotels offre la massima qualità e la massima professionalità in tutte le fasi di igienizzazione.

Quali ambienti possiamo pulire?

Cleaning public and private offices, condos and residences, gyms, sporting centers, windows.
Cleaning Hotels
Cleaning Theatres and Cinemas
Cleaning hospitals and private clinics
Industrial cleaning
Cleaning pools, thermal baths and tanks
Cleaning public and private schools
Graffiti removal
Collection and transport of municipal and similar waste, with the waste containers and vehicles
Clarity and urban hygiene (manual and mechanical sweeping service, pest control), drain cleaning
Differentiated waste collection of materials sent for recovery
Handling transport of solid waste over large distances operated by specific vehicles, even across Waste Transfer Stations
Handling of disposal plants for municipal and special solid waste
Handling of sewage treatment plants wastewater