What are the sanitisation and disinfection services consisting of? and how do they work?

The term “cleaning” sometimes is used as a general concept, regardless of the distinction between different precise technical operations, and it differs from “sanitisation” or “disinfection”.Cosa’è il nostro servizio di sanificazione ambientale e di disinfezione e come funziona?

For “cleaning” is meant the series of operations applied for removing visible dirt, namely dust, stains, foreign bodies, rubbish. The cleaning procedure follows suitable washing operations by the use of detergents, granting both an aesthetic and sanitary value.Nelle operazioni di sanificazione rientrano anche gli interventi di disinfestazione e derattizzazione atti ad allontanare o eliminare animali infestanti e parassiti dagli ambienti, ma anche gli interventi necessari a ristabilire un microclima adeguato all’interno di tali ambienti

“Disinfection” follows the cleaning operations, which aims to minimise the indoor presence of microorganisms, even potentially pathogenic. It is obtained by the use of disinfectants, detergents or by the support of other indoor disinfection equipment.

The “sanitisation”, on the other hand, differently from cleaning and disinfection, lists some complex operations necessary to make a healthy and safe working and living environment. It includes the fumigating and the pest control in order to establish an environment completely free of pests, as well as a suitable microclimate within such environments (temperature, ventilation, humidity, presence of dust, etc.).

When do I need to sanitize and disinfect?

Sanitization should not be an extraordinary activity but an ordinary procedure in every respectable workplace, food plants, accommodation facilities (Hotels, B&Bs), schools and hospitals. The company shall ensure a daily cleaning but also a periodic sanitisation of premises, environments, workstations, as well as common and leisure areas, in order to avoid any risk of contamination: a periodic sanitisation of any keyboards, touch screen and mouse with suitable detergents must be guaranteed, both in the offices and in the production departments.
According to the idea of creating a safe and hygienic environment, it is more than an option “sterilising” settings such as Hotels, B&Bs, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, food industries, offices and so on.

Quando è necessario effettuare la sanificazione e\o la disinfezione?

The “sterilisation”is meant to remove every vegetative life forms, spores and viruses.
Infertility is an absolute concept that does not accept any variation and therefore no terms such as “almost sterile” can be used, as the presence of even a single microbial cell cancels out infertility.

How does the sanitisation work?

It is possible listing the main steps for implementing a proper environments sanitisation:

  • Manual Sanitisation
  • Sanitisation with Ozono
  • Sanitisation with aerosol dispensers

Whatever is the technique chosen and used for the sanitisation, what we really need to realise is that this measure should be considered nowadays as regular and normal routine. Without a regular intervention, there is a risk of a bacterial infection that, if not treated properly, can lead to the subsequent multiplication of bacteria or even Virus.

It is therefore important to implement all the prevention measures with a regular cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection and by constant monitoring to ensure that the health of the environments is totally guaranteed for anyone.

How much does a sanitization operation cost?

Ask for further information through the contact page and get a free quote on your facility, we will be glad to make an appointment and find the best deal that better meet your needs.

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