The goal we are aiming to, within this field, is primarily combining expertise and technologies being able to analyse and improve logistics processes (stock, production, warehouse and transport), second, motivating Human Resources in order to develop new strategies for performing according to the actions required by any customer.

The modern technologies used by Diadema Hotels are thoughts in a perspective of optimisation of times and operation, for producing a higher level of efficiency by coordinating warehouses and transit points.

Diadema Hotels employs highly qualified management and operating staff.

In Logistics Service department, within Diadema Hotels, wide ranges of tasks are covered:

  • Drafting of logistics projects and plans
  • Managing purchase orders and relations with suppliers
  • Systematic processes control of goods at the time of receipt and registration
  • Picking, packaging and wrapping
  • Preservation and storage
  • Delivery and distribution
  • Internal handling
  • Inventory control, analysis and reports, and accounting warehouse

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