In a Hotel the essential is that everything works according to the standards andprograms previously set out, which is strictly linked to an efficient Housekeeping service. Diadema Hotels, operating in the cleaning sector, provides highly qualified professionals for an excellent hotel management.

The Housekeeping manager must know every room of the building as perfectly as the staff working on the floors, in order to be ready to face any kind of unexpected problem and solve it. Thanks to the regular room check the housekeeping manager does, she is able to maintain high working standards, giving always to the customer a positive image of the Hotel environment.

Various factors contribute to offering an excellent service. Besides the professionalism of the housekeeper manager, also the collaboration among all the departments of the hotel contributes on this purpose: this combined work ensures a hotel service always able to fulfil any customer need in the most appropriate way.
The Housekeeping Manager’s task consists on handling this collaboration among the staff, leading the team in a climate of trust and cooperation, for an optimal management and for maintaining high quality standards.

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