Cleaning up the Hotel rooms does not mean merely dealing with the cleaning operation itself, but rather ensuring a professional cleaning, a proper hygiene, attention to the details and to the customer's special needs. Everything done following precise quality standards.


We provide you a full porterage service, with qualified and trained staff. The porter role is as crucial as the task that he has to fulfil both when the customer arrives and departs. This is the reason why it is essential that the porter is properly trained.


We also provide skilled staff for both setting up the breakfast room and for the table service: taking tea, cappuccino and coffee to the customers who are comfortably sitting. The staff will take care then of setting up the tables organising the mise en place for the breakfast of the next morning.


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An innovative business model

Diadema Hotels presents an innovative business model as part of the social and economic context that we are living in: the B2B model.
The idea is part of a simple and effective business philosophy. We would like to give to the enterprise executive team the chance to focus on their job, worrying about their business, the development and management of the Hotel activities, leaving us to care of “the other side of the coin”, such as the facility and team management, from the reception area to porterage procedures.

We want to do what we do best:
making your job easier 

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