About Us

Diadema Hotels is the Diadema Stable Consortium’s flagship and it is all focused on facilities.

Thanks to the combined work of numerous consortium members, Diadema Hotels offers a wide range of solutions to better meet different needs, offering integrated services to every client, according to their demands, with high quality standards.

The selected and trained staff we provide is highly skilled; every single employee is passionate about his job. Thus, not surprisingly, several well-known companies have placed their trust on us.

The satisfaction of our customers, even the most demanding ones, corresponds to the satisfaction of our company. We are always fully available in order to find for them the best solution. We do our best not to disappoint their expectations: by keeping pace with technologies evolution and progress; by using latest generation equipment and tools.


The growth of this company is based largely on professionalism.

What makes a job really well done, is working and ensuring full compliance with the law. For this reason, the company, for any work, adheres to D.L. 81/2008, always using equipment, machineries and tools, complying with the current safety standards for the operational staff at work and complying the current noise and environmental pollution regulations.